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Why The Virtual Summit Search?

At the beginning of 2018, Jenn and I were chatting about Virtual Summits.

We love them.

We love the content, the easiness, the flexibility, the connections.

We love literally everything about them.

As attendees, we typically didn’t hear about them until they launch their marketing campaigns…which made it hard for us to schedule the live presentations into our agendas.

As potential speakers, we didn’t know about summits before the hosts started marketing for attendees or which ones were looking for speakers until it was too late.

Then a lightbulb hit in both of our heads.

We’re like “What if there was a specific directory JUST for virtual summits?! It would be it easy to plan for as an attendee, easy to find summits to pitch to as a speaker, AND a resource for the hosts to list and showcase their summits.”


Virtual Summit Search was born.

Let’s Get You The Info You Need! Are you:

An Attendee or Speaker?

Find your perfect summit!

Hosting a summit?

Submit your summit to the directory!

About Mariah & Jenn

Mariah is a website strategist over at Mariah Magazine Web + Strategy Studio.

She works with online Business Owners to help them get more website traffic and improve their SEO by creating a website strategy that’s unique to their business goals and ideal audience.

After being in the online space for a few years, attending and speaking at a few Virtual Summits, Mariah loved the collaborative vibes of them. They really do benefit everyone involved, from the host to the speakers and the attendees. But the annoying thing was….there was no easy way to find out about Summits until they started marketing, and from a speaker perspective, that’s too late. And from an attendee perspective, sometimes it was too late to schedule all of the awesome presentations into my schedule.

So when I connected with Jenn and realized we both had the same hang-ups with Virtual Summits, we decided to collaborate and create a solution that would benefit everyone in the online business world…and the Virtual Summit Search was born 😉

When Mariah’s not hanging out in cyberspace, she’s usually testing out new DIY projects from Pinterest and reading the latest business or spirituality book.


Jenn is a creative business strategist at The Creative Entrepreneurs L.A.B.

She works with artists, photographers, designers, and makers to help them grow their businesses. She loves translating left-brain business for right-brain creatives!

After attending several virtual business summits, Jenn wanted to find more. When she realized there wasn’t a central place to find virtual business summits, she and Mariah combined their business and tech powers to create the Virtual Summit Search. After all, virtual business summits shouldn’t be a needle in the haystack, right?

When not working on The CE L.A.B. or Virtual Summit Search, Jenn love playing with her Australian Shepherds, reading a good fantasy or sci-fi book (particularly if there are dragons involved!), and getting a good workout from Irish step dance.


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