Not sure where to start with your summit? If you’re trying to figure out what some of your first steps are, then you definitely want to stay tuned because in this snippet of a session from Sell With a Summit: Podcaster Edition, Nicole is going to show you part of the Summit Launch Framework so you can decide on your post-summit offer. Meet Nicole Batey, founder of Fempreneur Online! She’s here to help you access five- and six-figure launches by creating sizzling, virtually virtual summits to launch your awesome offers. Let’s jump in!

Nicole Batey: Thank you so much, Jenn. I’m so excited.

Jenn: So where do you feel like it fits in for podcasters with a summit? When they are thinking about planning, how can they integrate that with their podcast marketing strategy and just their workflow and all that kind of stuff?

Nicole Batey: Gotcha. So if you’re thinking about doing a summit and a podcast together, obviously you need some runway to get that summit going as far as the marketing for it. So you want to plan out those topics. Think about people like Amy Porterfield’s and Marie Forleo’s. What they do is they plan out topics to deliver them and release them just a few weeks or maybe a month or so, and every single week for weeks up until the actual event, all you hear about are topics related to the actual event. So they plan that stuff out, I mean, you know, if you think about it now, they probably planned it out last year and taped it last year so it can go live right now.

So that’s the planning part of it. So making sure that you have topics that relate to the summit. Get them already recorded and have them release coming up to the actual summit. After this, and you know, after summit, obviously you want to welcome in the newfound people – “hey, so happy you’re here” – because they’re going to be real, they’re going to tune into you immediately after a summit or during the summit. So do you want to give them a little bit of new content, saying, “Hey, welcome. I’m so happy if you’re from my blah, blah, blah summit.” You know, you’re still serving them.

So I would have plenty of episodes before the summit all ready ready to go that primes people and get them marketed and have a few episodes after the summit ready to go so those new found people have something to kind of work with and hear more content from you. They don’t just want to hear all the topics that you just told them about, right, you just told them about in your summit. They want to also hear some more topics.

And a bonus tip: one of my colleagues, what she did was she actually – she’s a podcaster – all her speakers from her summit are on her podcast. So she’s got like 20 episodes that she created, which is like, insane, but she’s got 20 episodes because people still want to hear from your speakers so they can kind of get more of a taste on the podcast. And she says something like, “Hey, if you want to hear more from this particular speaker, they’re going to be on the podcast coming up. Take a listen.” So it drives people to the podcast, especially if you’re thinking about like, I need to make more of an audience for my podcast.

Jenn: Yeah, I love that. That definitely adds value to the audience and to the speakers because they get additional publicity. So it just makes it a win-win-win for everyone.

Alright, so, as they’re taking this in, what is one specific action step that a podcaster listening to this should take right away after we finish this up to start choosing their post-summit launch offer and start working backwards on that?

Nicole Batey: Well, number one, you gotta go with your gut on what feels natural as that summit offer, right? So if you get something like, you’re like, “Oh, maybe I should do coaching,” you know, the shiny object syndrome. If that’s not what’s like, in your heart to do, please don’t choose that, you know. Think about what your time commitment is. You know, we’ve got kids at home now – can you do those things post-summit, right? So think about what feels natural to you think about what really resonates with you, and what you can do – your time commitment – and choose one and stick with it.

And then we’re going to do that little worksheet that everyone’s like, “Oh, I hate that worksheet!” where you do the customer avatar, then do that – do the thing you hate to do – but I’m telling you what it does is it really brings the right people in to your summit.

So number one, choose what feels the most natural to you. Number two, do that customer avatar, figure out who it is you want actually in that monetization strategy, in that offer.

Jenn: So I know that you also have a checklist, Nicole, to help us take this even further, so can you tell us a little bit about that?

Nicole Batey: Yeah. So essentially we’re going to go from my entire framework, right? So choosing your offer, what’s your customer avatar, to how we’re going to make sure that our speakers are taken care of – especially as a podcaster, you have a unique tool. Remember, you have that podcast; it’s a really great way to make sure your speakers are taken care of.

And then we’re going to go into exactly how to deliver an amazing experience during your summit. We’re used to, as podcasters – well. I shouldn’t say we – but we’re used to, as podcasters, sitting down, maybe having a microphone, we have some sort of conversation, maybe if you have a guest or not, but you don’t always see the actual audience, right?

So as a podcaster… so that’s a little bit of the same with the summit, but we’ve got to give an experience – not just a listening experience; it has to be a visual experience – to our audience during a summit. So we go over that in that checklist to make sure you have that.

Jenn: Yeah. Perfect. I love that because definitely taking that transition from audio-only to the visual aspect of something that could be a little bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

Nicole Batey: No, no, it’s an amazing medium, I mean, you know, video, video, video, but it’s a great way to get into really showing your face out there and getting out there in that way.

Jenn: Yeah, it definitely helps build your authority. Thank you so much for coming on and sharing your wisdom and expertise with us, Nicole. I cannot wait to see everybody go ahead and put this into action and choose their post-summit launch offer.

Nicole Batey: Thank you so much, Jenn.

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