Introducing the
Evergreen Summit

Strategy Intensive

Don’t let all your hard work be a one-hit wonder!

Extend the life of your virtual summit by making it evergreen.

When you evergreen your summit, new attendees get to join your summit, even after the live event is over! This means that you’ll:

  • continue growing your email list;
  • make more sales of your all-access pass;
  • and, best of all, make an impact on those new attendees who are now getting results because of your summit. 😍

What you get in the
Evergreen Summit Strategy Intensive

We’ll work through my Evergreen Summit Framework:

Benefit, Backstage, Boost, Base


Your summit

We’ll create your evergreen all-access pass offer during the Benefit phase, then work on some behind-the-scenes aspects Backstage (including the tech 😉)

+ evergreen strategies

To make the most of your evergreen summit, we’ll Boost it with a customized promotion strategy and then construct the Base: your evergreen summit task list

= more impact!

With your evergreen summit plan ready to go and your task list in hand to make it happen, you’ll be set to evergreen your summit!

When we’re done for the day, you’ll have your evergreen all-access pass, a customized evergreen summit promotion strategy, and a task map of exactly what to do next. 🎉

After your intensive…

You’ll walk away with:

Your roadmap

A customized step-by-step framework to evergreen your virtual summit

+ strategy

A customized strategy to get your evergreen summit in front of new attendees

+ more time

BONUS: you’ll have 30 days of access to me via Voxer so you can ask any questions that come up after your Intensive

You can choose to do $2000 in one payment or divide it into three payments

Want me to do it all for you?

I’ll do all the heavy lifting during an Evergreen Summit VIP Day

DWY Strategy

We’ll create your evergreen summit plans together during a 2-4 hour strategy session. This ensures that we’re on the same page when I build out your evergreen summit. Speaking of…

+ DFY Setup

This is where you get to kick back and relax! Based on the tech stack and strategy we outlined during our strategy session. In the meantime, go get a massage if you want – you deserve it!

= easy evergreen!

With your evergreen summit all set up, all you’ll have to do is start sharing it with your audience and implementing the promotion plan we created! 🙌

The investment for the full DFY VIP Day is $4000 and can be split up into a payment plan.

Let’s go!

If you’re ready to go, just fill out the form below and we’ll get things rolling! If you have questions, shoot me an email at

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