Your summit doesn’t have to sit on the shelf…

Create a sustainable summit ecosystem

that can replace your tired old lead magnets – in just TWO DAYS

You poured MONTHS of work into your summit. Blood, sweat, tears (maybe some more sweat!) – you gave it all.

But now it’s over and all that hard work is sitting on the shelf, gathering dust.

Raise your hand if that sounds familiar. 🙋 (There’s my hand, alongside yours!)

Your summit can do so much more than sit on a shelf. Whether it was a raging success or it felt like a flop, it’s ready to continue building your industry authority, save you time that you would have wasted creating lead magnets, bring in sales, and SO much more.

Why go evergreen?

When you evergreen your summit, you’re creating ongoing visibility, reach, and impact from all the months of work you put into your original live summit.

You’re making it accessible to folks who join your community after the summit is over.

  • Welcome in new attendees: They’ll get limited-time access, just like during your live summit, and the chance to upgrade to an all-access pass (which is NOT going to be the exact same all-access pass as your original one!). This means that you can keep getting leads and sales from your summit, even after it’s over. 🎉
  • Benefits for speakers: Your speakers win too! They can also send their audience to this evergreen resource when they have questions that the summit answers for them. It’s a win-win.
  • Experiment for future summits: Evergreen summits also give you a chance to experiment and try new things so that your next summit can be even better!

You’ll be able to establish a sustainable summit ecosystem where all of your summits – past, present, and future – build on and feed into each other, creating a great experience for all of your summit attendees.

The Evergreen Summit Virtual Retreat


It’s all happening January 23-24, 2023!

Here’s how we’ll work together to evergreen your summit in a two days(yes, I’m dead serious!). . .

First, we’ll come together in a small group (max 8 participants) in a virtual room on January 23. Together, we’ll work through the 3 B’s of evergreening your summit:

Day 1: Strategy


Establish your evergreen access period, differentiate your evergreen all-access pass, and finalize pricing


Map out your evergreen summit tech stack and form an evergreen attendee engagement plan


Generate a plan to promote your evergreen summit and decide on a launch date for your evergreen summit

You’ll have not only me, but your fellow summit hosts to give you feedback and help you hone in on your perfect evergreen summit game plan for success. At the end of the Strategy Day, you’ll have a project plan in place to make your evergreen summit a reality. And yes, you can bring a team member along!


Day 2: Implementation

On January 24, we’re jumping into Implementation.

During Day 2, we’ll be participating in coworking-style sessions. You’ll decide on a goal for each sprint and then we’ll get to work! As we walk through your project plan, your evergreen summit will come to life. If you run into tech snags or have questions along the way, we’ve got your back! You can ask me and your cohort for feedback or troubleshooting help – we’re here for you.

By the end of these two days, you’ll have an evergreen summit that’s ready to share with the world!

Take Action

This is where the rubber meets the road! We’re taking your project plan from Day 1 and putting it into action


Make your evergreen summit a reality as we work alongside each other in virtual coworking sessions

Team Effort

You can attend yourself or send a team member in your place to implement your project plan

So… are you ready to join us? 😃

Got questions?

What time is this happening?

We’ll be starting Day 1 at 11 am Eastern US and we’ll probably go until sometime between 3 and 5 pm Eastern US.
(Click HERE to check what time this is in YOUR time zone)

We’ll set aside more time for Day 2, since we’re implementing the project plan we created during Day 1. We’ll be starting at 10 am Eastern and going until sometime between 4 and 6 pm Eastern, depending on how quickly we get things done.
(Click HERE to check what time this is in YOUR time zone)

If you’re not able to be there for the entirety of Day 2, no worries! You’ll have access to me on Voxer for 14 days after the retreat, so if you need to finish implementing your evergreen summit afterward, I’ve still got your back.

Can we really do this in two days?

Yep! I’ve actually evergreened one of my summits on a Saturday morning… while getting ready to attend a wedding. 🤪 Trust me – it’s totally doable! Plus, you’ll have me to back you up along the way.

How many people will be at the retreat?

Well, first off, there’ll be me and you – yay! The retreat has a maximum of eight participants, though. That gives us enough folks to create a mastermind-style environment (GREAT ideas can come from this kind of thing), but also few enough people so I have time to give you personal feedback and input so your evergreen summit can be the best it can be. 🥰

Can I send/bring a team member?

Absolutely! If you have a VA or someone else on your team who you want to bring along for the Strategy Day on January 23, you’re welcome to bring one team member (or send them in your stead).

If you’re not an implementor and want to bring or send someone else on Day 2, go right ahead. Mix and match who’s there on each of the days as needed! 🙌 You’ll be able to give us a heads-up of who to expect on each day on your intake form before the retreat.

Will there be a recording?

Yes, we’ll have a recording of the retreat for you! 🎉 I know that sometimes there’s a gem that I’d otherwise miss, so we’ll have the whole thing (breaks and coworking time excluded 😉) available for all memers of the retreat after it’s over, just in case you need it.

What IS an evergreen summit?

Good question! When you evergreen your summit, you’ll be taking a summit that you’ve already hosted live (or are about to host) and make it available on an ongoing basis.

This means that folks who join your audience or find your summit in other ways after it’s finished will still be able to get limited-time access (typically 24-48 hours per day of the summit). YOU will continue to grow your email list and make sales, as well as establish your industry authority and visibility through your evergreen summit. Win-win!

I don't think I have enough time for this...

I totally get it, but trust me: it won’t take as long as you think! I usually spend 2-4 hours with my VIP clients on the Benefits, Breakthrough, and Boost phases. As a group, I expect that we’ll take 4-6 hours, including breaks.

When I evergreen summits for my clients, I usually spend 4-6 hours on the implementation phase. As a group, I expect that we’ll use a similar timeframe, but we’ll have a hard stop at 8 hours, to respect everyone’s time.

You’ve got this, though! Once your summit is evergreened, you’ll be able to create so much more visibility, reach and impact – it’s worth the time investment. 🙂

What if I can't be there for the full sessions?

You’ll get the most out of the retreat if you’re able to attend it all, but I know that sometimes it just doesn’t work. (Time zones, kids, the whole nine yards.)

Day 1 will be the most important one to attend the whole session. It’s also the shorter of the two days, so you won’t have to block off as much time.

For Day 2, there’s more flexibility built in, so if you need to join us later or leave earlier, that’s completely fine! You’ll still get the most benefit out of being there for the whole session (i.e. you’ll probably finish evergreening your summit 🎉), but you’ll have access to me through Voxer for 14 days after the retreat in case you need to keep implementing after it’s over or questions come up for you. 🙂

Do I need to attend both days?

The retreat was definitely created with both days working together. You can still implement after the retreat is over, but I’ve found you’re far more likely to get it done when you’re working alongside your fellow summit hosts.

You’ll also be able to get your questions answered live as you work on implementing your evergreen summit on Day 2, which can make a huge difference in whether you make it a reality! 🎉

What happens after the retreat?

I’m not leaving you high and dry after the retreat! You’ll have access to me via Voxer for 14 days after the retreat is over so you can ask any questions that come up about your evergreen summit as you put it out into the world. 🙌

I have a different question!

If your question wasn’t answered here, no worries! Just email us at and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 🙂

What if I want to go evergreen before January?

We can make that happen! I work one-on-one with my VIP clients to create their evergreen summit strategy and implementation plan, and I can also build the evergreen summit itself for you too. (In other words, I’ll do all the hard work of implementing the plan!)

If you’re interested in an Evergreen Summit VIP Day, let’s schedule a time for a 15-minute chat!

Let’s evergreen Your summit Together

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