Burned out after your summit?

Turn your one-hit-wonder event into an ongoing lead and sales generator on autopilot!

Relaunch your summit on evergreen to create more reach AND extend the impact for your audience with an additional 50% opt-in rate

Grab the Netflix-style audio feed with 8 episodes (all less than 5-7 minutes) right in your favorite podcast player
and soak up the tips and tricks to get your audience to
throw their credit card at you for your evergreen all-access pass

Get those wallets flying open again and again!
Grab the bingeable audios and make your summit last forever
  • The traditional summit lifecycle and its benefits and drawbacks
  • The evergreen summit lifecycle and how it can extend the life of your original summit
  • The five steps to evergreen YOUR summit

So who am I?

Hey, I’m Jenn! I’m the founder of Virtual Summit Search and the host of the Sell With a Summit series (yeah, summits about summits.  😜). I’ve turned my past summits evergreen in order to extend the reach and impact they can have on evergreen summit attendees and I want to help you do the same.

Why put months of work into a summit just to let it collect dust after it’s over? With five simple steps, you can turn your summit evergreen and keep getting leads, connections, sales, and engagement – WITHOUT the post-summit burnout that so many of us hosts experience.

Will you join me?

Virtual Summit Search