This is a snippet of a live training shared during Sell With a Summit: Podcaster Edition:

Jenn: Alright, alright, we are live with Nicole Batey, and so before we get started, Nicole, why don’t you tell everybody a little bit about you and what you do over at Fempreneur?

Nicole Batey: Yes. My name, like Jenn said, was Nicole Batey, which I got to get used to. I will eventually; I said it wrong the other day, but anyway, I’m Nicole Batey.

I am the CEO of Fempreneur Online and I help podcasters, course creators essentially create virtual summits and launch their things, essentially is what we do over at Fempreneur Online. So I’m so excited to be here and talk about podcasting, which is a little bit of a switch for me, but I actually am excited about it because, you know, thinking about it, but I love working with podcasters, so.

Jenn: I’m excited to talk about launching a podcast to a bigger audience because Nicole is really great at helping people build audiences. So, what will be the first thing we want to talk about with that?

Nicole Batey: Yes, so, okay. So I know that you said there are a few people in the audience who are new podcasters, which is super exciting to think about creating your own podcast and how that all works.

The thought process is how am I going to do episodes to get going, right? How am I gonna find guests to get going? How am I gonna… you know, there’s all these, how am I gonna be a part of it? But when you start thinking about it and you think about a summit. You’re doing everything that you need to do for the summit that you need to do for the podcast.

So the thought process is why don’t you combine it? And how about you launch your podcast using your summit? So stick with me. If you guys are like, what the heck are you talking about? We’re going to kind of meld the two and how we can do a summit and a podcast at the same time and get the, both the best of both worlds put together.

So I’m excited about diving deep. So, you know, as you guys are learning you know, obviously when you’re creating your events, you’re thinking about what kind of topics you want to talk about related to what, you know, you’re putting together here, right?

So if you’re doing something about… I’m just going to use Instagram, because it’s the first thing that came to mind and I saw Jasmine Star a video earlier today. So you’re doing something on Instagram and that’s what you really want your podcast to be about, like you’re an Instagram marketer, that’s your thing. So your summit would be about Instagram, right, and things that relate to Instagram.

So you may teach specifically about, let me just say video confidence, how to get on Instagram Live, that sort of thing. So you want to essentially do topics around for your podcasts and for your summit. Around Instagram marketing, you know how to be video confident on those platforms, that sort of thing. So I hope everybody’s following there.

So you’re creating your topics or deciding these are things that compliment what I teach. These are things that people need to learn about or to grow from in order to really not a lot to say. I appreciate, but understand my marketing and what it is. I’m trying to say. So you’re getting those topics and you’re then deciding, okay, what guests can teach about those topics? Like, this is what I want. These are the topics I want. These are the guests that I really want to pitch to be a part of that thing.

Or you can say in your head, you know what? I don’t want anybody to talk about that. I want to be the one think solo episodes, right? Having a few solo episodes where people get to know you. So. Having those episodes again, we’re thinking podcasts Summit, right? So having a few topics where maybe you talk about alone having a few topics where you have a guest talk about it, and essentially you’re creating an event where you are, maybe it’s alive, or maybe it’s prerecorded.

You know, most summits obviously are prerecorded. Some are live. It depends on what you decide to do, but. After you’re pitching those guests after you create those essentially episodes, every single interview is an episode of your podcast. You are essentially putting them on whatever platform. And I know you guys have a platform that you like, so please let me know, Jen, what that platform is that everyone loves for this particular Summit, but you would put in that Summit.

Each of those episodes or sessions would be an episode. And you would upload those as your first 10, 15, maybe 20 episodes of your podcast. That’s a Saint. And not only that. Okay. You thinking about it just, I’m just thinking even more if you’re a guest, right. So if you’re a guest, you’re like, okay, not only will I be a part of this amazing Summit where I get to present on my topic or talk to you and be interviewed in front of all these amazing people.

Now I’m going to be a part of a new episode that is long lasting, a podcast that’s going to sit there and continue to get views. It won’t just be a Summit, a one-time event, or, you know, maybe my Summit lives on, in a all access pass or something it’s going to live on in podcast life forever. So that’s, that’s, that’s a pretty cool concept to launch your, your podcasts.

I mean, I I’m just thinking now. I mean, think about it. How many, how many speakers do you have Jen?

Jenn: We have 18 sessions for this one,

Nicole Batey: 18, so 18. Now, if she was going to create a podcast, she was going to go on a podcast with us. She would have 18 episodes done, which is pretty much insane. Right. And she would have a think about the size of the audience that she’s created here.

She would now have. You know, I’m just picking something out of the blue 300 new listeners to her episodes, right. Who are interacting with her, you know, maybe she’s shouting them out. So now, like your name, your, you know, as the person you’re being shouted out you know, in a podcast episode that lives forever.

And I think there was a comment, sorry, I didn’t look down quick enough. There’s just a very excited. Yes, Sarah. Yes. Yes. Thank you girl. But yeah, so you now have 18 sessions and you have 300, depending on how many people opt into your Summit.

It doesn’t matter how many the point is now you have this many people whose eyes are on your podcast, your product, whatever the case may be. And they’re excited. They want to hear more from you. They want to hear more from the guests. They want to hear more. So now you have a living breathing podcast and you better get ready because people want more from you.

Right? So you’ve got 18 episodes, obviously, and I don’t want to step on anybody else’s topics and everything does, I’m sure everybody’s kind of come out with, how do you launch a podcast? You know, what’s the live launch look like, you know, like five episodes or four episodes just have drop them, but you’ve already got 18.

I already got 1820, whatever the case may be. It doesn’t really matter at that point. You’ve got a nice selection to choose from. So as you’re thinking about just even starting a podcast, don’t think about this being separate. Don’t think about it being, I got to start a podcast and I got to do a Summit, right?

Think about it being one thing I’ve got to put on an event that will launch my podcast. So I want to make sure this is hitting somebody in the brain like, Oh my God, this is amazing. Hopefully this is hitting somebody like in the fields, like being like I can do both. Right. Yep. Okay. Pacey.

Awesome. 18. Hello? You’ve you’ve you’ve just nailed it. Exactly Stacy, by doing that you’ve you’ve created the first quarter. Plus of your podcast right then and there and your Summit. So, and, and you, you monetized it and you’ve monitored, which was like paid for at least your first year of hosting.

Hello. I mean, and to me that’s good enough, good enough.

Like people were like, Oh, I need a minute, you know, 10 30, you know, whatever it is, people, their desire of making money. I just pay for all my hosting. Good enough. That’s fine. By me. That is a total. When you monetize your podcast a while before you even started it at that point not only that. Okay. So let’s kind of keep going forward.

So. The goal would be obviously to keep people coming with you, right. Key people. And I always have quote unquote, launching an offer at the end of a Summit. Consider your podcast, the launch, right? So, you know, thank you guys so much for tuning in my podcast is going, this is, you know, you can read, listen to everything you’ve seen here.

And then you could say, go to iTunes wherever it is. Know I don’t do, I do go to Spotify or wherever reviews are and review my podcast because you just heard the first eight, 18 episodes. Like, you’ve just given them a behind the scenes preview how they can say how much I love you or how much just a vet has impacted them.

Go to iTunes, iTunes. Right? It’s Apple pie. That’s how that’s how far back I just Spotify? But go to Apple podcasts and leave a review. So now you’ve got all these five star reviews week one, and people are like, Oh, Darren, how’d you do that? Like five star reviews because you had an amazing event and people already heard 18 year episodes, right?

So that’s your quote unquote launch. And now you have a number one podcast. You’re welcome. Who want, who said this? You want to hear more great speakers fall by absolutely. Sarah, if you want to hear more great speakers. Follow my podcasts or, you know, whatever the word is go ahead and do that.

And now you have people hearing the segments every single week. And for those who didn’t get to listen to all the episodes during the Summit, here you go. You’re going to hear them over the next couple of weeks, so you can digest them bit by bit. Now, this is something that definitely may come up in your brain, like, Whoa, you know, don’t I put a replays, you know, on my all access pass, you know, like that’s a major part, you know, people are paying for that.

No, they’re not. You read it. I read your mind jet. I was literally just about to ask you about that. Go back. No, nobody wants you to replace I, sorry. Sorry. No, it doesn’t damage the all access pass, right? It does not. I’m trying to tell you that what makes these summits amazing is this networking capability, this ability to ask questions, this ability to connect this ability to just get to the next step, if your all access pass talks about the next step and really fulfilling that next step.

Then you will be successful for all access pass. It does not in any way damage. I will say that. So let me, let me shout out Lindsay from Hello Audio right now. Because she knows me, but she doesn’t know that she knows me because I bought something through Lindsay and bless her heart. Like she had like an extra bonus where she got that the person who, who was the original program, she got them to come and do a Q and A.

So I was on the Q and A call. I didn’t realize it was a zoom meeting. I thought it was a webinar. So I’m sitting there getting my hair done, like straight up like care braided. And I’m just like, dude, to do a weight net for open. And sh I hear she, she doesn’t realize that we’re a lot. We can see her. And I was like,

so that’s my buddy. Sorry about a date. So I think, I want to say it was Emily Hirsch too. And they, and I was the only one at the time. Like I was the first one on there. So she does, she, she knows me. She’ll know me. It was just one of those random moments. I was so embarrassed. I was like, sorry. And took myself off of took myself off a video.

But anyway, And it was funny because video and audio, so you just hear it like a bunch of randomness in the background, but anyway so yeah, so if, so, if you’re worried about the whole I’ll ask this pass and replace or that sort of thing, think about it like a sneak peek for hello, audio having like that feed and the all access pass.

So they don’t have to wait in order to hear, right. So we like a bundle. We like something where we can have it now. So instead of waiting. 18 weeks or an entire quarter to listen to all of your series or your podcasts again, why don’t you get hello? Audio feed, plug, plug, get out. I was one of the first people who got it on that deal, by the way.

So. Get in on that feed and have that as a part of your all access pass, but the all access pass again. If you, if you tell me replays, I’m going to be like, girl bye or a boy, bye. I don’t want replays are not the number one thing. What’s the number one thing is getting them to the next step. Having that connection, having that networking ability, having something that takes them where they want to go, or one more step higher.

So more of a, Oh my goodness girl. You know, I love you. Okay. I actually just attended a summit speakers leading up to the event. You’re I was even more excited to hear their presentations. Can I, exactly, yeah. When you connect, like all of a sudden passes, it’s fun to make that extra connection there where, you know, I’ve made, you know, when you go to something and they see your face and I’m like, Oh, so let’s just actually use that face.

You know, you know, like they’re celebrities, even though they’re just like us sponge, I was just like, Get out, Jen sees my face. I get excited about that kind of stuff. So think about your Oxys pass, being more of that as opposed to some replays. Okay. Yeah. That’s a great, and your presentations are great and your sessions or your episodes are great, but it’s just, you want it a little bit more.

Okay. What else? Nikki said a good thing. It wasn’t the shower example that Jim was mentioning, people listened to POC. What does that mean? What’s that, what’s that reference?

Jenn: We’ve had a couple of speakers. Who’ve mentioned like podcasts are really intimate because a lot of people like listen to you on their walks on their commutes in the shower.

The Nicki’s just saying it’s good thing. You weren’t in the shower when you were up on a webinar.

Nicole Batey: I don’t even know what to say. I just, I just was like, I was just, I mean, literally like they’re just like, do, do, do, do do. And she goes, I think she’s getting her hair done. I mean, it was just a funniest moment and it was both of them. So, you know, I look up to Lindsay and MOA, so I was like, Whoa, Oh my bad.

You know, so it was kind of funny. If you got some followers as people saw the real you. Absolutely. So, so I mean, anything else that you can think of Jen? Because, I mean, I just, I think I just spilled all my guts there.

Jenn: I mean, I think one of the things that people are going to struggle with is the all access pass thing.

And so, like you said, think of it as more than just the replays, because if you look at the launch kit and even just the extended access pass, Is not just the replays. It’s also the workbook. It’s the transcripts. It’s the exclusive audio feed through. Hello Audio, the folks who are getting

Nicole Batey: van think I told you.

Jenn: So like, it’s, it’s a lot more than that. Yeah. And then if you go even up to the launch kit, the launch kit has all of that. Plus the speaker bonuses. We’ve got your sponsors for Summit workshop. From the last addition we’ve got Krista’s Summit promotion workshop from the last edition to like there’s so many more things stacked in to that all access pass.

The, even if they’re getting the replace other ways, it doesn’t ruin the value of it.

Nicole Batey: Not at all, not at all. And again, you know, if you, you know, and if you’re worried about like, Oh, you know, people are gonna think I’m cheating them or something like that, just say, Hey, we are going to make sure that you guys can hear these replays.

In the podcast coming, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, stay tuned. Listen to it again. You know, if you’re not in the all access pass, even if you are in the office as fast, stay tuned, listen to it again, just be transparent about it, but you’re going to be able to hear them. Now, if you have the access faster, you’re going to be able to have them all in one place.

And the special feed that Lindsay has provided with hello, audio you know, Just be transparent about it. If you’re worried about that, like, please don’t make that a hindrance or use this for podcasts because honestly, I was just a part of a podcast and she actually, she did both. She actually had us for her podcasts and she did the Summit.

I was like, Whoa, that’s a lot of work and it really wants a lot of work. And now that I’m thinking about, I’m like, Oh, darn you really should have just taken them, you know, taking these and just put them on your podcast because snippets. Yeah, or a snippet, you know, whatever the case may be visited a lot of work for her to do, to, it was almost like putting onto a beds.

You don’t have to do that let your Summit be your podcast,

Jenn: especially because some of them are going to have content that is really better. If you watch it on video and you’re not getting the video on the podcast, you’re just getting the audio.

So that’s definitely something that there’s still added value in getting the replays of the videos.

Nicole Batey: And then also, if you’re looking, you know, obviously people are like, well, how am I going to get my guests? Are they going to be interested in BMI podcasts? Well, how are you going to get your Summit? You’re going to go to a virtual Summit search and get your speakers there. Right. You’re going to go they’re there.

They know the value, anybody on that site, there’s a value of Summit speaky, and they also know the value of podcast speaking. So we’re telling them. I am launching a podcast that this is what the podcast is called your audience, or, you know, what you speak about, you know, record out, not recognizable, resonates with me and resonates with the audience I’m trying to create, or the audience or the, you know, the platform I’m trying to create.

This is a topic specifically. I really. Think would work. Can you speak on, speak on the Summit, which is going to live in a podcast? I’m going to give you double the exposure. You know, you’re not a double lose special, but you know, as you’re pitching them, the exposure, yeah. You’re going to give them so, you know, the benefits to them would be done.

Well, the exposure to the Summit, and later on, when I actually released the episode to wherever your podcasts are, I was about to say sold, but wherever they are. So, you know, think about those days as you are doing your pitches as well.

Jenn: All right. I think we cover so many good things that are going to give people plenty of things to think about and work on with building their audience through podcasts and Summit.

Thank you. For coming on Nicole, I’m excited to talk about pitching your guests .

Alright. See you guys later.

Nicole Batey: Alright. Bye.

Nicole is a virtual summit strategist and producer at Fempreneur Online, so make sure to check out the work she and her team do to help summit hosts create an effortless virtual summit experience!

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