4 People to Follow if You Want to Host a Virtual Summit

So you want to host your own Virtual Summit?

Hell yes! 

Virtual Summits are insanely powerful for helping you grow your business, connecting with industry experts, and showcasing your expertise + authority to your target audience.

But hosting your own summit, especially your first one, can get insanely overwhelming.

There’s a ton of working pieces to the puzzle.

Where do you even start?

Just like anything in life, if you want to learn something, ya gotta learn from the best.

Here are 4 people you should be following if you want to learn about hosting your own Virtual Summit.

Each of these humans has run numerous successful Virtual Summits AND they have resources, courses, blog posts, and freebies to help you get started!

1.) Kyrsten Sherwood of The Launch Brand Grow Community

Kyrsten has ran 3 successful, community-building, financially fruitful and email list exploding Virtual Summits herself, and now she’s in the game to help YOU host your own….the right way.

She’s even created an online shop where you can purchase website templates, organization & tech help, swipe copy & photos, and that’s only the beginning.

*I’ve personally been a speaker at 2 of Krysten’s Virtual Summits and the girl knows her shit. Her Virtual Summits are run SO smoothly on all ends, making it insanely beneficial for the speakers AND the attendees*

Check out her free resource library here!

2.) Bailey Richert of BaileyRichert.com

Bailey, running numerous successful Virtual Summits herself, knows the ins & the outs of it all. Her signature course Virtual Summit School can help you launch your first summit in 90 days….and from the looks of it, her students RAVE about the course.

Check out her free ebook to help you get started!

3.) Krista Miller of Summit in a Box

Krista’s ran several successful summits with a focus on community and making sure everyone, especially her speakers, benefit. Now she teaches others to plan, strategize, and launch their own profitable online summits.

She’s made her full summit planning process available to purchase and is hard at work on a complete system including templates, scripts, and more for making the process easy.

Check out her 12 secrets for a profitable summit here

4.) Navid Moazzez of NavidMoazzez.com

Navid’s gotten a ton of publicity in the online world, being named by The Huffington Post as a leading expert when it comes to creating, promoting and profiting from Virtual Summits. His signature course Virtual Summit Mastery uses a specific framework that generates his students with insane results.

Check out his free cheat sheet + learn more about him!


Hosting a Virtual Summit isn’t a walk in the park, but if you team up and learn from the right human….the possibilities are endless.

Hosting your own virtual summit? If it’s geared towards online entrepreneurs, bloggers, and business owners, submit your summit to us so we can list it!

4 People to Follow if You Want to Host a Virtual Summit
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