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When you join us at the next Pitch Party, you’ll be ready to boost your podcast pitch email as soon as the final party cracker sounds! 🎉


Before the Pitch Party starts, you’ll submit a sample of your current podcast pitch email for our panel of podcast hosts to review and prepare feedback for you. (Don’t worry: we’ll provide a starter template if you don’t have your own yet!)


When you arrive at the Party, we’ll give you a quick rundown of how it’s going to work and introduce our panelists, then you’ll be ushered into a virtual room with two of our podcast host panelists and up to 7 other Party attendees. The hosts will give each of your personal feedback on what would make your pitch email stand out more to them as a real-life podcast host – make sure to take notes (not just on your feedback, but everyone’s)! 😉


After you’ve all received feedback, we’ll all come back into the main room for some overall tips and insights from the hosts (more notes ahoy!) to help you hone your podcast pitch email even more, along with a few minutes for your Q&A.


Once the Party’s over 😭 you’ll be ready to head straight to your email inbox and start letting podcast hosts know you’re available! 😜


Can’t wait to see ya at the Pitch Party! 🎉 Jump on the waitlist to make sure you don’t miss out when the next Party opens – we only have 24 seats available!

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