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Here at Virtual Summit Search, we’ve created a Speaker Directory that’s organized by speaking topics. That way, when a host is looking for speakers for their summit, they can browse the directory and reach out to you about speaking opportunities.

There are a couple different levels in the speaker directory:

1) Verified Speaker: This is a speaker who has been on a video call with Jenn and has verified references and speaking credits. Verified Speakers will be listed at the top of their category in the speaker directory and will get their own custom speaker page as well, where they can showcase their credentials and speaking experience. Being a verified speaker gives you extra credibility with hosts because Jenn can vouch for you personally and you’ll be more likely to be included when summit hosts request assistance with finding the right speakers. Cost: $150/year

2) Featured Speaker: This is a speaker who had NOT been on a video call with Jenn. We’ll still verify your speaking references, but Jenn can’t personally vouch for you. You will be listed as a Featured Speaker on the Speakers Page for your main topic and because you’re putting an investment into being a speaker, you’ll have additional credibility with hosts. Cost: $50/year

Please fill out the form below to apply to the speaker directory as a Verified or Featured Speaker.

3) Free Speaker Listing: You can still be listed for free, but you won’t be able to share as much information and summit hosts may want to speak directly with your references before considering you for their summit. Cost: free

Please click the button below to apply to the speaker directory for a speaker profile.

Have a question? Shoot us an email at: hello@virtualsummitsearch.com
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