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Here at Virtual Summit Search, we’ve created a Speaker Directory that’s organized by speaking topics. That way, when a host is looking for speakers for their summit (or even their podcast, bundle, conference, and more!), they can browse the directory and reach out to you about speaking opportunities.

There are a few different levels in the speaker directory:

1) Verified Speaker: As a Verified Speaker, you’ll not only be listed in the top level of the Directory (so hosts will see you before other speakers!), but you’ll also receive additional opportunities to get in front of hosts beyond the Directory itself.

Our Verified Speakers are the first ones we recommend when a host reaches out for speaker suggestions. Since we’ll have references on file and you’ll have been on an onboarding call with Jenn, we’ll be able to personally recommend you.

You’ll also have your own Speaker Page where hosts can learn more about you and even check out your speaking examples like virtual summit videos and guest podcast episodes. Bonus: you can use this as a ready-made press page if you’d like!

You’ll also have the opportunity to be spotlighted on our marketing channels. We’ll create Spotlight assets that will showcase you to hosts, and you can even use the videos we’ve edited for you on your own social media. 🙌

Join us as a Verified Speaker for only $300/year and book more summits to grow your business!

2) Featured Speaker: As a Featured Speaker, you’ll be listed in the second tier of the Directory, putting you ahead of hundreds of other speakers so hosts see you first. Since we’ll have your references on file and can vouch for your reliability through that, you’ll also be one of the first speakers we recommend when hosts ask for speaker suggestions. You’ll also get an expanded speaker profile listing so hosts can get to know you better and are more likely to invite you to speak.

Join us as a Featured Speaker for just $100/year!

3) Free Speaker Listing: You can join the Speaker Directory for free, but you won’t be able to share as much information and summit hosts may want to speak directly with your references before considering you for their summit.

Please click the button below to apply to the speaker directory for a speaker profile.

Have a question? Shoot us an email at: hello@virtualsummitsearch.com
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