Strategy, Efficiency and Mindset for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs
Jen Drago

Jen helps busy, overwhelmed heart-centered entrepreneurs increase their profitability and grow their businesses so they can expand their impact in the world.

Jen Drago

Main Speaking Topic:

Strategic Clarity for Entrepreneurs

Secondary Speaking Topics:

Creating a Strategic Roadmap
The Importance of Mindset for Entrepreneurs
The Secrets of Success for Heart-Centered Businesses

Primary Audience:

Heart-centered entrepreneurs and small business owners

About Jen

As an educator, consultant and coach, Jen brings 30 years of experience as a strategy and operations executive to help entrepreneurs increase their efficiency and profitability so they can scale the impact that their businesses have in the world.


2018 Continuing Care at Home Alliance - 2nd Annual CCaH Summit
2018 AZ Case Management Association - 5th Annual Case Mgmt Conference
2017 Healthcare Delivery & Policy Program, Breckenridge, CO
2017 Long-Term Care & Senior Living Summit
2016 Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services Quality Conference
2016 Continuing Care at Home National Conference
2016 Stryker 9th Annual Orthopedic and Spine Summit
2016 Leading Age Annual Meeting & Expo
2015 Leading Age Annual Meeting & Expo
2015 Population Health Alliance Forum
2020 Community Leaders Forum
2019 Community Leaders Forum

Jen’s Speaking Examples:


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