Marketing Consultant for Nonprofits and Social Impact Companies
Kristi Porter

Kristi Porter is a copywriter and consultant who helps cause-focused organizations get noticed and grow through effective marketing. She also teaches small businesses easy philanthropy strategies.

Kristi Porter

Main Speaking Topic:

Nonprofit and social impact marketing

Secondary Speaking Topics:

Brand messaging
Website copywriting
Solopreneur and small business philanthropy
Nonprofit marketing
Social enterprise marketing
Social impact
Social justice

Primary Audience:

Nonprofits, social enterprises, businesses who want to make a social impact (I call these all cause-focused organizations.)

About Kristi

Kristi Porter believes in using her skills, talents, and influence to do good wherever she can. As a self-described #wordnerd, she is often assisting nonprofits and social impact companies in their marketing and communications efforts, primarily through copywriting and marketing strategy consulting. Kristi also teaches solopreneurs and small businesses how to incorporate easy philanthropy strategies so they can give back to the causes they care about. Essentially, she makes cause-focused organizations look and sound more professional so they can build and engage a larger audience, increase sales or donations, and do more good.


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Kristi’s Speaking Examples:


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