Support for teens and parents through the pains of adolescence
Myka Hanson

Dr. Hanson helps teens move through the world with confidence and clarity and helps parents sleep at night trusting that their teens are resilient, action-oriented, self-advocates.

Myka Hanson

Main Speaking Topic:

Teens and parents navigating adolescence

Secondary Speaking Topics:

Young adults (ages 20-29) navigating post-high school and adulting

Primary Audience:

People ages 13-19 and parents

About Dr. Myka

Dr. Myka Hanson left the classroom after 16 years of working in a public high school in suburban Minnesota still loving working with teens but hating the machine of public education. During Covid, Myka offered her services to her community as a donation-based tutor, and discovered during tutoring that teens had many questions about what was going to happen with the rest of their teen years. Teen Forward was born!

Myka has a Ph.D. in psychology, expertise in dreams and dream work, and an unfailing belief that teenagers are some of the best humans on Earth.


Navigating the Teen Years Shifting Parents From Conflict to Connection webinar
Decode Anxiety: Help Your Teen Define and Defeat their Distress
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