Don’t get crickets 🦗 after speaking at a summit!

If you’re tired of not meeting the goals you have for speaking at a summit – whether it’s email list growth, sales, or building your niche authority – you’re not alone. 👋

A lot of summit speakers aren’t sure how to incorporate an offer into their summit presentation when pitching isn’t allowed. Many speaker aren’t sure how to adapt their offer to fit different summit parameters and audience segments. It can be SO frustrating! 😤

So what can you do?

Introducing the
summit speaker vip day

It’s time to grow your email list and make sales after summits!
(Even those crickets will be ready to buy. 😉)

The Summit Speaker VIP Day gives you a step-by-step framework to grow your email list and make more sales from your summit presentations. Having this framework in place, you can confidently promote your offers in a summit knowing that they’re aligned with the summit and audience.

Stop feeling gross and sales-y when sharing your offers during your summit presentation. Instead, make organic offers that the attendees actually NEED. 🥰

What you get in the
Summit Speaker VIP Day

You’ll have Jenn and Lucas’s expertise on tap for the entire day while we build your summit presentation package together


Your expertise

We’ll evaluate your current products, services, and areas of expertise to
showcase what you have to offer

+ an awesome presentation

With your perfect summit topic in hand, we’ll create or update a signature presentation that you can deliver at speaking engagements, whether they’re five minutes long or an hour long!

= a match made in heaven

We’ll work together to seed your paid or free offerings throughout the presentation – without being gross or sales-y!

When we’re done for the day, you’ll have a complete summit presentation package that will equip you to build your email list and get more sales from your summit speaking engagements – all while feeling good about it. 🎉

After your vip day…

You’ll walk away with:

Your framework

A customized step-by-step framework to monetize each of your summit presentations

+ Community

Membership in an exclusive Facebook group of fellow summit speakers who have gone through the framework so that you can network and share in a community who gets it. 👋

+ more time

BONUS: you’ll have 30 days of access to us via Voxer so you can ask any questions that come up after your VIP Day

You can choose to do $1000 in one payment or divide it into three weekly payments of $334

Let’s go!

If you have questions, shoot us an email at If you’re ready to go, just fill out the form below and we’ll get things rolling!
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