Book more summits + make more sales…
without the slime!

If you’re tired of not meeting the goals you have for speaking at a summit – whether it’s email list growth, sales, or building your niche authority – you’re not alone. 👋

A lot of summit speakers aren’t sure how to incorporate an offer into their summit presentation when pitching isn’t allowed. Many speaker aren’t sure how to adapt their offer to fit different summit parameters and audience segments. It can be SO frustrating! 😤

So what can you do?

Introducing the
summit speaker vip Experience

It’s time to create ongoing visibility, impact, and reach from your summit speaking!

The Summit Speaker VIP Experience equips you with the full package to be
a Stand-Out Summit Speaker:

  • Your own No-Sleaze Sales Strategy so you can make sales from summit speaking (without being sales-y!)
  • A customized strategy to get in front of summit hosts when they’re looking for their perfect summit speaker – which happens to be YOU
  • Honing the speaking, interview, and presentation skills you already have to increase your confidence when speaking at summits so that it translates into confident sales!
  • A guest podcast tour that turns your signature summit speaking topics into ready-to-record interview outlines, complete with email pitches you can hit Send on as soon as we’re done

Don’t let another summit go by without making an impact – on the attendees AND your business. Join us for your Summit Speaker VIP Experience!

What you get in the
Summit Speaker VIP Experience

You’ll have our expertise on tap for the entire time while we build your summit speaking strategy, skills, and podcast tour together


Summit Speaker Strategy Intensive

We’ll spend 2-4 hours together while we outline your summit speaking topic, create your No-Sleaze Sales Strategy, and establish your Stand-Out Summit Speaker Framework so you can book more summits + make more sales – without feeling slimy!

+ Summit Speaker Development Day

You’ll have the whole day to hone your speaking, interview, and presentation skills. Whether you’ve spoken countless times before or you’re getting ready for your first summit, these skills will serve you for years to come, both on and off summits

= visibility for daaaaays with a podcast tour!

Bringing together the presentation and strategies we worked on in the Intensive and Development Day, we’ll create your guest podcast tourno extra work for you!

When we wrap up your VIP Experience, you’ll have a complete summit presentation package that will equip you to build your email list and get more sales from your summit speaking engagements – all while feeling good about it. 🎉

After your vip day…

You’ll walk away with:

Your framework

A customized step-by-step framework to monetize your summit presentations + the confidence to deliver them well

+ more visibility

Your podcast tour will propel your already-awesome summit presentation topic to new heights of visibility

+ more time

BONUS: you’ll have 14 days of access to us via Voxer so you can ask any questions that come up after your VIP Experience

The individual VIP Days start at $1000 and payment plans are available

Let’s go!

If you have questions, shoot us an email at If you’re ready to go, just fill out the form below and we’ll get things rolling!
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